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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fish Fest!

Yay!!! We made it to Fish Fest!  The Trinidad Skatepark Alliance has been invited to participate in this year's fun.  So come on by, we'll be set up with our:  

Ramps at the school basketball courts during the Fest from 12-3.  
*Helmets required for those under 18

While at the Fest, feast on some yummy local fish--try the lingcod.  It was caught right outside Trinidad waters by Trinidad's own, Captain Salty Tom! Pick up some local crafts, rock out to the band, have a brew or two, and take a tour of the lighthouse.  There's SO much fun to be had!  We'll see ya there!  

Summer's coming!  We're gonna need a bigger bowl.  (Image borrowed from web.)

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Skate Fest was a blast . . . What's next???

Photos courtesy of Cameron Cathers.

Yep.  Sure was!  Our marathon fundraising weekend was so much fun that it's taken me almost a month to blog about it!  

It started at town hall on Friday, May 1st with tasty food, scrumptious beer and swingin' tunes at the barndance.  On the next day, Saturday, we took the party across the street for Surf and Skate Fest, where we raised lots of dough for the Trinidad School Surf and Skate Clubs.  Then on Sunday we made it back to town hall for the Indie Craft  Fair and sold some TSPA merchandise.  Whew!  

And we're getting ready for another fun filled weekend.  Check it out:

Thursday, June 4th:  Trinidad School Skate Club begins!
Meet us at the trailer behind the after school building at 4:30.  If you wish to skate the ramps and rail you have to wear a helmet, and get your parents to sign a waiver.  Maybe they already did at Skate Fest?  If not, pick one up at the school office.  Find out . . . !  We'll have the ramps out till 6 o'clock.  

***Trinidad school skaters have been asked to ride along the Trinidad School float in the Pony Express Days parade in McKinleyville on Sat., June 6th.  If you'd like to participate, we'd love to give you a Trinidad SkatePark Alliance t-shirt.  Stop by the trailer and pick one up on Thursday while we have the ramps out--sizes and colors are limited***

Friday, June 5th:  Trinidad Art Nights
We'll have the ramps and rail out at Saunder's Park behind Chevron from 6-8ish.  If you're under 18, helmets and waivers are a must.  Come on out and ride!  

Saturday, June 6th:  Skate alongside the Trinidad School Float in the Pony Express Days parade!
Help us represent!  Follow the float and SambAmore down Central Avenue right through the heart of McKinleyville.  Wow--that sounds like so much fun!  If you wish to join the parade,  show up at McKinleyville High School at 10a.m. on Sat., June 6th.  Remember--TSPA tees to those who wish to skate along in the parade!!!

We hope to see your smiling face at one of these funtastic events!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

"It's happening!"

Last I posted I announced the great news of the Trinidad Skatepark Alliance sponsoring an after school skateboarding program/skate club at Trinidad Elementary.  That was months ago.  Before this could happen many arrangements had to be made, and criteria be met.  We are just about there.  Till then . . . 

For all of you who never gave up on us in over four years since the Alliance began.  To everyone who has supported us by dropping their change, year after year, into that donation bottle at Murphy's Market--from the penny rolls to the twenty dollar bills.  To the Trinidad skaters from a generation ago who were there when the first one of you asked for a skatepark:  I am pleased to share some good news with you.  

The Trinidad Skatepark Alliance bought the 6'x12' cargo trailer you see pictured above.  We also purchased a new insurance policy.  We can now tote around our four small, donated ramps, and brand new adjustable grind rail, and any other compact equipment we collect that will fit in our trailer.  We now have a mobile skatepark. 

To be clear, this is not the skatepark we see in our dreams.  No, this is our interim plan till our dream comes true.  Now we can be present at every Trinidad Art Nights this year, along with as many other exciting, celebratory community events as we can!  

And speaking of Trinidad Art Nights, we will be participating in the first one of this season, in two ways:  
  • Friday, May 01, 2015:  We will have our mobile skatepark set up to ride during daylight hours.  Location, to be announced.  As always, anyone under 18 must wear a helmet.
  • On this same night, the Trinidad Art Nights After party is a Barndance at Trinidad Town Hall, 409 Trinity Street, Trinidad. Come enjoy music by the Striped Pig String Band and calling by Lyndsey Battle.  Break out your dancing shoes 'cos this one's gonna be lots of fun!  The event is will also host a Pints for Non-profits fundraiser for the Trinidad Skatepark Alliance. featuring locally farmed and brewed beer from Humboldt Regeneration--WooHoo!  Keep an eye out for this super cute flyer:

THEN, the next day is Surf/Skate Fest at the school!  This is a big day full of FUN stuff:
  • Live music
  • Tarp surfing
  • Ramp skating
  • Skateboard design art show
  • Live art by Matt Beard
  • Food and drinks
This is a FREE EVENT!  Check out the AWESOME flyer for this event created by our friend, Matt Beard:

AND, on Sunday, May 3rd following all the fun, music, and festivities town hall will be hosting another Indie Craft Fair.  TSPA will be there selling the usual goods; t-shirts and hoodies hand-stamped with our logo, repurposed shopping bags made from our former logo, keychains, earrings, and other artwork created from broken skateboards.  All the proceeds from the craft fair will go directly into our bank account, thus replenishing the funds supply. 

When I stop and talk to many of you at the Beachcomber or Lighthouse Grill, in Murphy's, or at the school, and share all this good news, the two words I keep hearing most are, "It's happening!"  Yes, good things are happening.  It took a long time for us to make them happen. So, I guess the logic there is, with more time even greater things will happen.  

As always, thank you for your support, 'cos we sure couldn't have got this far without you.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

An After School Skateboarding Program!

Photo courtesy of, Gayle Rothell, lovely lady of the lunch line.  
Here at our school?  What a great idea!

Yep.  You read that right.  Trinidad Elementary is starting up a skateboarding club, and an after school skateboarding program.  This program will be its own unique project, separate from the Trinidad Skatepark Alliance, but of course, endorsed and sponsored by TSPA.

And now we ask you, parents, families, and friends of young dragons, for your help.  The program will be offered on:

Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 4:30-6

The school has generated a list of more than 30 students from second to eight graders wanting to participate.  Now, we're looking for volunteers to help us supervise the group.  We know how busy life gets, so we're not asking for commitments for both these days and times, we're just asking for help on either day, whenever we can get it.

If you're interested, or know someone who might be, please contact me, Lisa Espejo, on any of your preferred methods--cell, email, or my personal facebook account.  My contact info is at the top of this blog.

Let's do this!

photo by Wendy Carney

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Indie Craft Fair in Trinidad TODAY!!!

Merry Christmas! Come on out to Trinidad Town Hall TODAY from 10-4 and grab up some inexpensive holiday cheer from the Trinidad Skatepark Alliance.  We'll be posting up at the Trinidad Indie Craft Fair selling 'Gingerboard' people and XMas trees cut from broken skateboards.  We'll also have t-shirt shopping bags made from our previous logo.  We've got keychains in the shape of a salmon carved out of a skatedeck with a PBR can parody.  And we'll also have pint glasses, stickers, t-shirts and hoodies, etc.!!!  (Visit our facebook page to see pictures of the gear we'll be selling.)  And of course, ALL proceeds go to our skatepark project fund!

So come on down.  Here's the flyer so you can't miss any important details:

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Benefit Show! Benefit Show! Come one, come all!

I was putting around the house Thursday morning, mapping out my day when I get a phone call from a REALLY nice guy.  He says he's organizing a show for Trinidad Town Hall.  It's going to be a punk-reggae show featuring members of LEGENDARY bands Bad Brains, Fishbone, and Suicidal Tendencies, and he wants to make it a benefit show for the Trinidad Skatepark Alliance, because they all feel that punk rock and skateboarding are such a great fit.  WOW!!!!  Simpatico is more like it!!!

Here's the skinny:

Again, that's:
This is a dry event so whet your whistle beforehand, or simply wait till after.  But, we will be serving non-alcoholic beverages to keep you hydrated.  

See ya there!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Skate Fest?!?! What's all this then?

Took this right from Rampart Skatepark's facebook page.  Come on out and enjoy all the fun!

Join us for a day of skating, live music, art, refreshments, and food at SkateFest!, Saturday the 27th, 2pm-11pm, at RampArt Skatepark.
Come try out tarp surfing, yes, TARP SURFING; skate the new portable ramps from McKinleyville Skatepark Organization; session the NEW BOWL and skate in the contest (7pm); and enjoy tunes from Guns N Barrels, Mother Vines, Lao Tzu’s Army, Adult Crash, Imperial Destructo, and Lord Ellis. There will also be a raffle, vendor booths, artwork, and a time-lapse of the bowl construction being shown. Don't miss this!
SkateFest is hosted by the Humboldt Skatepark Collective, a new collaborative including the McKineyville Skate Park Organization, RampArt Skatepark and Trinidad Skatepark Alliance.
For more information, call RampArt at 826-0675, or e-mail